Sapphire Radeon HD2600XT on El Capitan

I'm currently building absolute beast - Hackintosh on a 775 Conroe Pentium and HD2600XT with El Capitan and OpenCore (mostly just for lulz and experience). Dortania's guide says that it's compatible with macOS, and even some of the Macs was bundled with this GPU. OOB it was loading AMD2600Controller.kext, but was starting in VESA mode (low resolution, no hardware acceleration, shows in system as "display 5 mb VRAM"). Tried almost everything - I even flashed this GPU with Apple's BIOS (on original Macs this GPU weren't working without Apple's BIOS), but it still not working properly. Considering there's still some real Macs running El Capitan with this GPU, how can I boot it on my Hackintosh?

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