NUC 6i7 - How to connect BT 2 pin jst from bcm94360ng via m.2 to 18pin usb3 or 20pin i/o header?

Hi - I recently upgraded my wireless to a Fenvi t919 and it's connected via a m.2 adapter. I can't figure out the right cable for for the 2pin -> 9 pin (seems to be a standard black desktop size used for usb headers) that came with it.

In reading the guide for the NUC8, they have a 4pin header which I don't have - and I can't seem to find is either a 18pin (usb3 header) or 20pin (intel i/o header) to 2 pin anywhere. I can find the header cables over newegg, gorite or microsatacables but was wanting to avoid needing to splice my own and curious how others are getting theirs to work.

If I don't care for continuity/handoff, can I retain the embedded intel B/T? I tried to re-enable the kexts but devices won't connect. If not, can anyone suggest the best way to get the adapter powered please and thanks!

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