My boot devices option doesn't show MAc/Clover option anymore.

TL;DR My boot options only show Windows and no longer show Clover/MacOS after reconnecting my SATA cables.

i created a dual boot system on a separate SSD which runs High Seirra. around last year sometime. it worked fine but then i cam back to windows for gaming and stuff and it was still working fine if i boot into it.

lately i installed fans in my case and unplugged the SATA cables and then replugged them. now my boot option is gone and i can only boot to windows. i know my drive is working fine because i checked it with another computer and my data is all there.

how should i reinstall clover or go about this situation ? i am pretty new to setting up an hackintosh and it was my first hackintosh build.

I am using

i7 7700k

Nvidia 1060 6GB


Gigabyte-B8 gaming rev 1.0 (mobo)


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