Legacy Big Sur USB ports not working on installation (Sort of)

Hi guys,

I've been trying to install Mac os, Big Sur, on my main computer. Being an older computer there is no UEFI bios. I ditched Open core and went with clover. I managed to get it up to the installation screen but it seems that none of the USB ports are working. Which I find odd because I don't get any errors like "Waiting for root device". which shows that the installer USB is recognized I've tried a bunch of different kexts and drivers but nothing is working. I'm certain that it isn't frozen because after a while it will go to sleep and you can switch it back on with the power button. Specs are as follows:

dell Inspiron 560

Intel core 2 quad q6600

Nvidia Quadro 600

10Gb ddr3 ram

If anyone could give me an EFI that would work that would be most appreciated. Even just a kext for me to try would be very nice.



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