Is anyone using the Sonnet Presto Solo 10GBASE-T nic?

I picked up the Sonnet Presto Solo 10GbE network card because it's supposed to be natively supported by macOS, and while the initial setup went fine, it only works sporadically. It's always recognized by macOS but after a few boots it just remains disconnected (saying there's nothing plugged into it or the other end) despite the switch recognizing the connection.

The problem is happening on both a 10.14.6 Clover install as well as a newer 10.15 OpenCore install. I'm pretty sure it's not the card itself because when I boot Win10 to troubleshoot it's always recognized there, and after booting back into macOS the card works for a couple boots (a few days) before it shows disconnected again.

Is anyone else here using this card and did you have issues, or need to do anything special to get it to remain working?

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