How many of you use iPhones and do you jailbreak?

I’ve always been an ‘apple guy’ since my first MacBook (2006) I had been using Linux since 1994/5 and when I heard apple was coming out with a Unix based OS I had to have one. I was hooked…. Not so much on the price though. Anyways, when the iPhone was released I thought it was going to be as awesome as OSX. Boy was I wrong. It functioned well for what it did, but it was so locked down it made it a turn off. Then, I learned about jailbreaking. It changed everything. A jailbroken iPhone was MUCH better than an android (yes, that is debatable in certain situations) but the fact I could now use my device the way I want to and have it work with all my other apple products was great. Is anyone else here in a similar situation? Do you prefer android phones, if so do you root it?

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