Downloading macOS from Windows?

Hello, I've just purchased a new bundle to upgrade my desktop as my MBP 2012 has died. (B550 - R9 5900x - gtx1060)

I'm looking to download a copy of Mac OS on windows to create a bootable drive. I think the highest version I can use is 10.13.6 because of my GTX 1060. I've tried last night for a few hours to find a way to do this with no luck, I've also had another look around today on my break to see if I can find a method of downloading with no luck. If I remember correctly I had a nightmare to do this when I had to get a new HDD for my MBP & can't remember how I did it in the end. I have come across various uploads on places like Mega but id rather not use a useruploaded copy if I can help it for security reasons.

Any help would be highly appreciated, I'm sorry if I'm just being a idiot and this is a easy fix, for the life of me I can't find a option that works on windows. Many thanks!

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