BIOS vs OC dual-booting Windows

Hi awesome Hackintoshers!

I would install Big Sur on SSD1 via Open Core and Windows 10 on SSD2. I would be using macOS 99.99% of the time but just want the other OS for casual gaming once in a while.

A fellow Redditor in this community suggested me to not dual boot using Open Core and just use BIOS. So here are my questions:

• If I just use BIOS boot option, then do I need to install UEFI Windows or install just normally?

• Would you advise to use Open Core? If so, why?*

• Should I install macOS first or Windows first? If I have separate drives, does it really matter?

*I personally like BIOS boot. Why? I'd just select the default boot to be macOS so I don't have to choose every time. And when I need Windows, I'd just choose during the BIOS boot up.

Thank you and stay safe :)

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