Best bet for a 6800 XT

Hi everyone,

I'm in a position (and necessity) of upgrading my card soon, and would like to know if you guys have a recommendation as to which of the manufacturers is the best bet for the 6800XT for compatibility and performance in a hackintosh build, in the event that card becomes fully compatible (I have no doubt this community will find a way!)

I've always heard good things of the Saphirre Nitro, and gigabyte also had good track record, but I have very little knowledge as to what is usually recommended for hackintosh in that department aside from reference cards.

Anyone has an advice?

PS: as for my own build, I am currently on a Proxmox server, emulating both windows and osx from this server, but would like to go back to metal and a more classic hackintosh dual boot build as soon as possible for full performance usage.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge and enlightened advice!

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