A weird trackpad bug ever!?

Hello everyone So I dual-boot Windows 10 and Mac Mojave on two different SSD (Laptop) At first, everything works as it should be. Then I released a weird Trackpad bug :/

  • If I powerup my Lap. Leave it run automatically. It boots in Opencore => Macintosh (likes normal) Now the fun beginning: Trackpad doesn't work at all. In Preferences it said ”No trackpad found”

  • However, If I enter the Boot menu manually (in BIOS), select Opencore => Macintosh. my trackpad works flawlessly with full gestures

I completely losing my mind. Does anyone have any idea? I don’t even know how to google this bug lol

I have Synaptic touchpad. Using VoodooPS2Controller; VoodooSMBUS; VoodooRMI.

HP Folio 9470m / i5-3437u / 1366x768 / HD 4000.

My config: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m9xz6kvuzd3lpe3/config_Opencore_064_Mojave_HPFolio9470m_1366x768.plist/file

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