VM vs Hackintosh, can a VM Mac be added to my gaming PC rig ??


I touched on this in another thread, due to loosing a job i lost my Mac platform... I miss it like crazy, just HATE working on my gaming PC, lack the programs i normally use etc.

I was about to buy a used Intel NUC and try to build a hackingtosh for the first time, it went to another buyer. Now I am thinking. I have this PC, that is rather new. It’s a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 core, 16 gb ram, on a ASUSTeK ROG strix board. Use it for gaming and file storage.

Now money is a bit tight so now I am thinking if I can slam another drive in that one, dedicated for a VM running MacOS ? I have seen that it might cost a 10-15 % performance drop but that would be way better still than the older NUC, since i also have a 1080 gpu in it i might also be able to get descent video editing out of it ??

I would want to keep my PC system, so my ideal world would be Add another disc, and a boot loader that would enable a MacOS VM to run alongside with the Windows not being changed. I would use it either in a Mac or win scenario, I don’t need to go back and fourth between systems in a session, so I could allocate all the resources to the MacOS on booting.

Now i have no idea if this makes sense, hope someone could guide a bit. Would it make sense ? Is it true that the “VM loss” is only 10-15 % in performance etc ??

Best wishes

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