OpenCore - CPU frequency high - can't fix w/ CPUFriendFriend

I just migrated from Clover to OpenCore 0.6.3. Everything is working great except my CPU frequency is constantly at almost max according to Intel power Gadget, where under Clover it would only ramp up under load. I've been following the post-install guide for fixing power management ( but can't seem to get this fixed.

Z370-HD3P - i5-9600K (Coffee Lake)

  • X86PlatformPlugin appears to be loaded
  • CPUFriendFriend generated kext doesn't seem to load but when I use the generated DSDT I can see the cf-frequency-data that is being inserted

No values I choose seem to make any difference and when I run the CPUFriendFriend script again it always says "Current Setting: 00 (000 MHz)" which I guess it means it's not loading correctly.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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