NVM Patch Thunderbolt on GA Z170X Gaming 7 (rev 1.0)

Hi, I'm trying to do the NVM patch following https://github.com/osy86/ThunderboltReset/blob/master/PatchingNVM.md

I have the bin from GIGABYTE's firmware downloaded and extracted with CrossOver after installing it in a Windows bottle. I've verified the controller version is 21 by going to 0x400A and looking at the byte there.

Now I'm looking for a comparable mac firmware from the installer's but the earliest I can find is from Mojave as this guide points out: https://osy.gitbook.io/hac-mini-guide/details/thunderbolt-3-fix-part-3.

(I'm getting these from the OpenCore documentation after I set up Big Sur with my skylake 6600K series).

I figure I need El Capitan, but when I get any sort of media for the installer, the FirmwareUpdate.pkg is not there. Does anyone know how to extract firmware from these earlier installers?

Apparently the specific PCI id is 1577: DSL6540 Thunderbolt 3 NHI [Alpine Ridge 4C 2015] found on


Does anyone know if any macs ever had similar hardware in their build out?

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