New Hackintosh Advice

My main Hack is almost 10 years old, running a 2600K (4-core, 8-thread). It's been a trooper, and still runs well - mostly because Intel chips haven't progressed much until recently. But its time has come, it won't run past High Sierra, and the higher core counts of the new series are too temping.

So I have 3 options.

- Do a custom 10700K machine. Will cost about $8-900 all told for the parts.

- Purchase a compatible off the shelf 10700 machine (not K, I rarely overclock). Like a Dell Vostro. Costs about $700 currently.

- Abandon Hackintosh and go with the new Mac Mini. Will cost about $1000 for the ridiculously priced memory and SSD upgrades.

The main focus in Final Cut Pro, though I've been thinking of jumping to Premiere Pro because I"m just so tired of the poor FCPX file handling.

The new Mac Mini seems to be so fast that maybe, even though it's 1st generation, it will do well and I shouldn't bother with a Hack. With a Hack, I'd probably put in a moderate graphics card. But it seems that the M1 gives similar performance.

Would appreciate any thoughts to help make the decision.


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