My Hackintosh running Catalina(i9, gigabyte aorus pro, x470)

My Hackintosh running Catalina(i9, gigabyte aorus pro, x470)
  • i9 9900K(+Silentium Fera3)
  • Gigabyte Aorus Z390 PRO WIFI
  • Crucial 3200Mhz 16Gb kit
  • Samsung EVO970 NVMe 500SSD
  • Temporary Radeon X470 8Gb
  • Almost Retina qHD BenQ EX2780Q 27"
  • cheap shitty case, cheap shitty kbd, G400S mouse
  • Buckets of sweat while putting it together, 1 bottle of wine to celebrate(now empty)...

- to be bought: better case, better keyboard, Vega graphics...

Anyone knows what to do after installation? How to polish the system?

Hello community. I ve been dreaming of this hackintosh for quite some time. I managed to put it together and make it work. I used Dortania guide but some things did not work for me. I used Cris Titus Hackintosh video on youtube to guide me - to make me visualize the whole process a bit better. I think I made some mistakes in Linux live environment so I made my USB boot recovery key in Windows instead and it worked.

It downloaded Catalina on its own(ethernet worked).

I am now in the stage of celebrating - thus the wine. I did not do any after installation polishing - some say you should open Clover or OpenCore to finish some things(I dont know which...)

But I managed to make it boot from the harddrive. iMessage works fine, iClould works fine. I think Sleep works but when I put it into sleep and went for a walk, then I came back, my fakeMac was ON - so I dont know yet... (to be tested).

However, MY SOUND WORKS ONLY FROM HDMI. I cant control it from my keyboard. I still need to buy a WiFi card and Bluetooth module to make AirDrop work.

Cinebench score is 4958pts. I think it is okay. I do not aspire on hardcore overclocking, however, I might buy a better fan(or water) and kick it a bit. I really do not know if it is fast in LightRoomClassic but I think it is. I, however, tested it to put it some 144Mpx panorama together and it took hell of a time :-D

I adore the BenQ monitor - the speakers are so okay :-D And the picture quality is pretty fine. I am angry cuz of the IPS bleed but I did not have enough budget to buy a really good one for content creation.

Good luck on your journey to a successful installation of Hackintosh!

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