Is there a likely (or even verifiably) safe/untampered image for a virtual machine?

I'm interested in trying MacOS in a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation, HyperV etc) just to see how i like the OS at all, and would likely enter personal data into the vm (e.g. mail address and passwort into mail-app).
Some youtubers offer images (that worked well and easy when i tested this once a few years ago) that are linked to/downloaded from random file-hosters, but whose safety/integrity (beyond changes made to let it run in a vm at all) i can't really judge (so could include keyloggers or whatever).
Is there any way to check if the image/the OS in the image has been altered compared to original MacOS like a checksum or is there some largely agreed to be safe image?
Or is there another, safer and still somewhat uncomplicated method to run MacOS in a virtual-machine (using the original OS files directly and installing it or similar eg)?

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