IGPU works in Recovery/Installer but not in normal OS boot.

Hello. I have an Intel Core i3-3220 (H61-M motherboard) with an Intel HD2500. I've heard that it doesn't have full acceleration, but I've found evidence that it works well in Mojave and Catalina.

I used OpenCore Guide for Ivy Bridge, WhateverGreen Intel Guide and this video. After that I created a USB stick with Opencore and Catalina Recovery.

In Recovery and throughout the installation (until the first boot of installed system), I had normal resolution and acceleration (no lags and glitches)

But after rebooting into a new system, I have a black screen with a mouse cursor and some strange flickering white cubes at the top. Also the background flickers when I click or scroll the mouse wheel somewhere. I can't figure out why the GPU works completely in Recovey, but doesn't work in normal boot.

Maybe someone knows ways to fix this ...

I tried:

- Various OS versions from El Capitan to Catalina (GPU only works in Mojave and Catalina, I am currently on Mojave)

- Rebuilding kextcache from native (that was installed with system) recovery command line

- Many GPU injection combination and plists...

I would be glad to any advice.Here, my EFI folder with last opencore boot log - https://www.dropbox.com/s/gihgq1xl4hlfivg/EFI.zip?dl=0

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