High Sierra 17G66 - Nvidia Problems

Not sure if I'm going to be in the right sub for this, but I've got a Mac Pro 4,1 that I'm trying to restore High Sierra on after not really liking how Catalina feels. Downgrading has been a headache and I'm stuck with the dreaded High Sierra 17G66 that Nvidia has no web drivers to. The problem I'm having is I can't seem to update 17G66 to a different version so I'm able to get the Nvidia drivers for my GPU.

I downgraded using dosdude1's patcher for High Sierra and got a copy of High Sierra from the patcher because I don't have a backup when I previously used High Sierra on this device. I did a clean install to a newly formatted drive and followed all steps including the post install. App Store has no new updates listed for me, patch updater says everything is up to date, and I even tried to manually install updates using dosdue1's script, but nothing.

Got any tips on either how to update my version of High Sierra to something an Nvidia web driver supports or how to get a working web driver on this version? I'm at a complete loss as to where to go from here to make this work.

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