Help get Syanptics PS2 Trackpad working

I've been trying for days now to get the touchpad working. I initially thought it was an I2C touchpad explaining why the voodoops2 kexts acted funny; but I booted into Windows and checked the Interface only to realise its a PS2 interface device. So since VoodooI2C kext is now out of question; all I could do was try rehabman's and acidan's versions of VoodooPS2. Both of which work but barely usable.Problems with RehabMan's VoodooPS2: The mouse acceleration is very weird. Nothing I try fixes it. Moreover I have a clickpad, so I end up having to click the touchpad to register a left click instead of touching/tapping to click. (No preference page to change settings whatsoever. The trackpad preference page says no trackpad found)

Problems with Acidanthera's VoodooPS2: The acceleration is amazing when I keep the VoodooPS2Mouse.kext in the Plugins folder. It works almost as perfect as the precision drivers on windows. The only problem is that I cant scroll, swipe, two finger tap to right click. It's basically a mouse. The sensitivity is amazing and the touch to click works perfect but those two are the only features that work.When I delete the VoodooPS2Mouse.kext however to force the VoodooPS2Touchpad.kext; everything is same as Rehabman's kext. No preference page, no touch to click, the acceleration and sensitivity is shitty and the touchpad is barely usable ( imagine wearing rubber gloves and trying to use a glass phone. it's just too sticky )

My device:HP ProBook 440 G4

Intel i5-7200U and Intel HD620

OpenCore 0.6.2 (will be updating to 0.6.3 right now) running MacOs BigSur Beta11

It has a Synaptic SMBus PS2 ClickPad

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