Hacktintosh Boot time

As the title has said, let's discuss OC boot times and clover, maybe windows?
I'm on Catalina 15.5.7, OC 0.6.2, SSD 970 evo plus 1tb NVME, everything work perfecly.

Recently I feel like my hackintosh OC has a very slow boot time? I measured it was about 38s. Compared to when I used clover and haven't updated from mojave to catalina is about 10s slower.

And when booting windows from the OC boot menu it sometimes only takes 3 to 4s, sometimes it is 13s.

What affected the boot time???

How many seconds is normal for everyone???

In macos i have 3 app run on login: mail,thing 3, free download manager
In windows i have more than 5 app

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