Filevault BigSur.

I have been using FileVault disk encryption on my NVME Catalina install for a good while, and besides a black screen that requires a bit of improvisation all has been good, however, I have run into something very strange.

I have installed Big Sur 11.0.1 (using OpenCore 0.6.3) on both a SATA based SSD and onto my main NVME based SSD, two identical installs on two different SSD types using the same bootloader and hardware.

Now, FileVault works flawlessly on the SATA based Big Sur SSD install, it shows all the graphics and user picture, etc, whereas, It doesn't work at all on the NVME based Big Sir SSD, as soon as it tries to load the password screen the computer resets??

I do have a theory on why this is happening, I think it's possible that as iMacPro's (my SMBIOS) have the NVME SSD connected to the T2 chip for disk encryption, then perhaps macOS is trying to hand of decryption to a non-existent T2 chip in my machine when booting from a PCI-E based SSD.

Whereas perhaps the SATA SSD runs a different version of the FileVault due to it not being connected to the T2 chip in real macs, but it is instead directly connected to the intel chipset.

Anyone else having similar problems??

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