Big Sur/AMD Power Management Sleep Issue

I have a working Big Sur/OpenCore and AMD/X570 build, and for the first time, sleep is actually working on my system. It never worked on my OpenCore/Catalina or Clover/Mojave installations. Anyway, I don’t have any actual sleep settings available in System Settings>Energy Saver. I only have the option to adjust “turn display off” and not the actual system. Any idea why this might be, and how I can get the system sleep settings to appear in System Preferences?

Without GUI support, I assume I’m going to have to adjust sleep settings manually via pmset. I am not familiar with pmset. Right now, the system is sleeping on its own. My current settings are (pmset -g):

System-wide power settings:

Currently in use:

hibernatemode 0

womp 0

networkoversleep 0

sleep 15 (sleep prevented by sharingd, Safari)

Sleep On Power Button 1

ttyskeepawake 1

hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage

disksleep 10

displaysleep 15

What command should I use to adjust system sleep time? To turn off system sleep entirely?

Also, I’ve noticed USB drives being ejected when the system sleeps (I get the improper removal warning). Is there any way to fix this? Otherwise, all USB devices seem to work fine.

Thanks for any assistance!

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