Windows/ Linux machine with hackintosh capability

the truth is i dont know if i wanna fully commit to mac os yet, ive done hackintosh before but the process wasn't smooth enough with my current hardware limitations not matching on a mac.

fortunately i have the option to build a new PC within the next few months, currently i have a Nvidia 3080 FE on the way, and plan on purchasing an x570 i or b550 board with the new ryzen 5900x chip. How viable is this for hackintosh? should i wait for intels new release before building a pc thats fully hackintosh workable (i wanna try get imessage and everything to work).

If anyone has a working parts list for this kind of build that would be sick, using the 3080FE inside the mac isnt my priority! i mostly do music production so im more likely to use the mac for that. Cheers!

also im running at an ultrawide res if that matters.

help appreciated :D

EDIT: alternatively i could make my current rig into a dedicated hackintosh, it has i7-770k , msi gaming z270 pro carbon mobo, 1080 strix, 32 gb ram (gskill), kraken cooler. If this is more suited for a mac? (last time i tried on this hardware i couldtn get a bunch of stuff to work like airdrop, and it was really finiicky would always freeze mouse wouldnt work sometimes)

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