Thinkpad T440S OpenCore

Thinkpad T440S OpenCore

Well, this first attempt went very well.
First i have tried to build my own setup, following Dortiana's Guide to Open Core.
No luck.
Investigated and took almost all the files on a github (Sniki Guide).
Then adjusted, added, removed some kexts.
It worked. Smooth and flawless.

I dont know why the setup from Sniki worked and not mine, i have read again the Guide and Sniki put some files that i understood that werent necessary...

Very less work to do on Post-install.
Just had to change the Serial to a working one, logged in with the Apple ID, and is it.

Now? I am going to use this beauty as daily machine.
Then i would love to hack the brother, T440P that is lurking on the shelf.
Then, why not, the MSI GT-70, just to excercise and get more confident with OC.

Have a nice day!

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