Thinkpad P53, help needed to solve a few issues...

Hey guys, so I have successfully installed macOS Catalina 10.15.7 on my Thinkpad P53, laptop's specs are below. I still have a few issues to solve and I would really appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction to solve them.

So the specs of the laptop are as follows:

CPU: i7-9750H

iGPU: Intel UHD630 -> working, with 2GB of memory

RAM: 2x8GB 2666 Mhz

Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Lenovo Thinkpad P53/20QN-002VMX

Audio Codec: Conexant CX8070 -> working, including keyboard sound buttons

Wifi/BT Card: Intel AX200 -> working with AirportItlwm kext, I'd say pretty stable apart from the fact that auto-connecting to wifi does not work, but maybe that's just some config in the kext

Touchpad: Elan Touchpad -> partially working, first issue

BIOS revision: 1.25

Which of the guides on the sidebar you used: Dortania opencore install guide, OC 0.6.2

Here is my config.plist:

So most of it is working... iGPU working, keyboard+KB backlight working, Wifi working, sound working, USB-s all working.

What's not working at all is the battery, and I failed miserably in understanding what I should do to make it work...

The other issue I have is with the touchpad. It works, but it is recognised as a mouse rather than a trackpad. Even gestures work, but I have no tap-to-click... and it drives me insane. I have tried most of the kexts I could find related to trackpads, but with no success.

Last issue I have is with the screen backlight buttons, that don't work either and I have no idea how to make them work.

Any help you guys could share will be very much appreciated.

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