Sleep/Wake loop due to "XDCI/"

Sleep/Wake loop due to "XDCI/"

Finally have my ThinkPad x1c6 up and running with OpenCore on Catalina (thanks u/tylernguyen_). However, I am facing some sleep and wake issues that I can't get to the Bottom of. When the computer enters sleep, about 20 seconds later, it will wake up, then eventually go back to sleep, and repeat until the laptop dies or I start using it. It's incredibly annoying and drains battery life quickly.

It seems to be USB related, but I used USBmap and disabled all of my ports except the ones I use, and the problem remains. Even after disabling all USB ports but 1, the computer won't sleep. I'm pretty new to Hackintoshing, so any help would be appreciated.

One thing to note is that my laptop model differs slightly from the one used in the guide, as have a 20KH serial number and not a 20KG. Not sure what kind of difference that makes. At this point I assume it has to do with something in ACPI, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something super obvious. All wake on lan settings are disabled in bios, and all the PMset assertions are set to what is recommended in the OpenCore sleep docs. Even with all my devices unplugged, the computer refuses to sleep.

Also, sometimes it says just says "due to XDCI/" , and sometimes due to "XDCI/HID Activity"

Attached are my wake logs

$10 bounty to whoever can help me figure this out (probably just me being an idiot)

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