PSA: Clover r5123 pre-release adds support for Big Sur, and it works great (for a pre-release)

Clover r5123 is currently in pre-release. It’s basically Clover GUI + OpenCore bootloader, and it works great!

I recently upgraded to opencore, but couldn’t get anything higher than 0.5.9 working, so no Big Sur. I decided to test out The new clover version, and using my old clover settings, I simply upgraded clover EFI, updated all nexts and drivers, and I faced absolutely no issues upgrading from macOS 10.15.4 to macOS 16.0 beta 9.

There’s also a new confit page in clover configuration for ocquirks. It seems that in most cases, default config is fine. You can simply edit your config.plist file by using the sample one from clover and copy/pasting all children in quircks key to the same position in your config file.

I find this to be one of the most responsive builds I have had, with great boot time and very few issues to sort out. I also found this to be the easiest OS update I have done so far.

To note: my safari did not update with Big Sur, it remained at v13, and kept crashing. If this issue appears for you, you can either download safari technological preview, or you can simply copy over the app from an other Mac running Big Sur. Both work great for me.

If anyone has been wanting to get on Big Sur, this may be the time to seriously make back ups and prepare to update.

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