OpenCore problems on HP Prodesk 600G1

Hi Guys.

I'm trying to run a Hackintosh on an Old HP Prodesk 600G1.

I'm using OpenCore but I can't get it boot into the installer. Seems like et freezes right before and now I have run out of ideas on what to try next.

I have followed the OpenCore Guide multiple times, I have tried with 4 different USB stick and direcly on sata, different kexts, different plist settings (these have been checked with the "sanity checker"), different BIOS settings, debugging mode, searched the internet dry,

I'm running the newest OpenCore version 6.2 and I have also tried different versions of MacOS

CPU: Intel Haswell 4590

GPU: iGPU (i915) (Intel HD Graphics 4600

RAM: 4Gb

Motherboard/Laptop model:HP Prodesk 600G1

Audio Codec: Intel 8 series/C220 chip id; 8086:8c20

Ethernet Card: l217

What guide/tool followed: Dortania OpenCore Guide

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