Need Monitor Shopping Help (Samsung LCDs Aren't Cutting It :/)

Hey Everyone,

Right now I have a Samsung 28 inch 60 Hz 4K U28E590 Primary Display from 2018 and a Samsung 32 inch 1440p 144Hz Secondary Gaming Monitor C32JG5x Display from 2020 connected to my Hack Pro (MacPro 7,1) build through my Radeon RX 580 8GB Graphics card's display ports.

Primary (Honestly Great Overall although very SDR and limited Color Range):

Secondary: (Really for Gaming in Windows. Terrible Pixel Density When Working in MacOS. Better Color Range yet SDR)

Obviously I can't use a Pro Display XDR with my Hackintosh nor will I ever spend $6000 on a monitor but I was wondering whats the best glass HDR 4K/5K/6K monitor one can buy that would be great for a Hackintosh (MacPro 7,1) workstation? I'm personally getting really sick of LCD monitors. I really wish Apple made normal monitors because nothing beats my Macbook 13 inch's P3 glass screen or my iPhone 11 Pro Max's OLED screen. Are economically sensible OLED monitors a thing yet? I know that there's almost no such thing as 144 Hz 4K yet. PLEASE HELP I've been confused for months!!!

Here is my build guide: (TLDR: ITS Beefy)

Here are my benchmarks: (TLDR: I outperform Apple's base Mac Pro in everything)

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