My internal hard drive is GONE after hackintoshing (On Windows)

I gave up on hackintoshing and just went back to windows due to impossible errors and tradeoffs I have to make. Given that I am getting an iMac soon anyway I gave up.

I wiped my 3tb Hard Drive which I previously used to store all of my YouTube videos and project files, and now I want to put that drive to use again. So - I go back into Windows.

I open file explorer, and WHERE IS MY EXPENSIVE HARD DRIVE?

My C: Drive / SSD Drive is only 240GB, and I have nothing to delete from there. I need this 3TB hard drive!

So what do I do... I want to get this hard drive back, it is formatted with APFS Filesystem but the computer completely ignores it!

Asking for help, how do I get it back without leaving Windows?

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