Mavericks with Opencore

Hello, I used to use multibeast with a hackintosh I built running Maverics 10.9.5.

It had i5 3570k@4.4 GHz, GTX570, 16gb 1333, Gogabyte GA-UD3H, external PCI WIFI, Intel 550SSD. (I'm planning on an NVME upgrade)

I used the system to load Logic Pro projects from my laptop. I overclocked it for the single core performance so it ran tons of plugins.

The reason I want a system with Maverics is because of the greater legacy plugins support.

What's the easiest/most secure way of doing this? I plan on using the internet so I'd like filevault.

After Geekbench testing I realized how much potential that overclock has for single core, which is what I want in this scenario

Thanks for advice.

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