Kernel Panic - Help ! (OpenCore 0.6.2, Intel Core i5-7200U, HD Graphics 620, Intel HM175, Geforce GTX 1050)

Hello everyone, I just had a kernel panic trying to install macOS Catalina on my laptop with OpenCore.

I configured my USB key on a virtual machine from Big Sur, with VMware, and I used this guide:

Here is my configuration (HP Pavilion 17ab307nf) :

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 7200U (Kaby Lake)
  • Motherboard: Intel HM175
  • Graphics card 1: Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Graphics card 2: Geforce GTX 1050 (4GB vram)

I added an SSD and a RAM strip.

I know that the information I provide is not enough to make a true diagnosis, but I just don't know what else to put on! Ask me for information and I will give it to you.

Thank you in advance!

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