Kernal Panic after reboot - Would love some insight

Kernal Panic after reboot - Would love some insight


I'll make this short and sweet, I'm very new to the Hackintosh community and would be great if I could get some assistance.

Hardware: Intel Elitedesk 800 g1

CPU: Intel Core i5 4570

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600

RAM: 8GB of DDR3

Motherboard/Laptop model: Intel Q87

Screen(s) Number: 1

Screen(s) Resolution: 2560x1440

Audio Codec: Intel Lynx Point PCH

Ethernet Card: Intel I217-LM

* What guide/tool I followed: (OpenCore guide - Dortania)

* What part I got an issue with:

Alrighty, so the MacOS recovery and installer work fine, with some hang on "Gioscreenlockstate 3" (which manages to proceed after 2-3 minutes). I'm installing MacOS Catalina and after the install process, I can boot into MacOS.

I attempt to restart the device, where it then proceeds through the usual terminal lines until it suffers from a kernal panic.

I've made sure that the iGPU settings correspond to the HD 4600.

Tbh, I looked and around and nobody seems to experience the issue that I'm having.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a pleasant day.

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