Kernal Panic after reboot from initial install!


I'll make this short and sweet, I'm very new to the Hackintosh community and would be great if I could get some assistance.

Hardware: Intel Elitedesk 800 g1

CPU: Intel Core i5 4570

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600

RAM: 8GB of DDR3

Motherboard/Laptop model: Intel Q87

Screen(s) Number: 1

Screen(s) Resolution: 1920x1080

Audio Codec: Intel Lynx Point PCH

Ethernet Card: Intel I217-LM

* What guide/tool I followed: (OpenCore guide - Dortania)

* What part I got an issue with:

Alrighty, so the MacOS recovery and installer work fine, with some hang on "Gioscreenlockstate 3" (which manages to proceed after 2-3 minutes). I'm installing MacOS Catalina and after the install process, I can boot into MacOS only ONCE! After playing around with the OS, browsing, applications etc., I attempt to restart the device, where it then proceeds through the usual terminal lines until it suffers from a kernal panic.

I haven't created a USB map as of yet and I'm wondering whether that would affect booting into MacOS for the second time. I'll attach the relevant txt. dump on the USB stick, the config.plist sanity checker and the kernal panic endscreen.

Overall, I'm more than willing to solve this issue, since I do want to learn how to run and troubleshoot Hackintosh systems.

* What files/config I am using:

EFI, dump txt., image of kernal panic

Opencore Sanity Checker:

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