Is a P55 with a 1st gen i5 compatible with Big Sur?? Worth the effort??

I have a decent hack with an EVGA P55 motherboard, and oc'ed i5 760 and 8GB of RAM with a GTX 760 and Catalina Runs decent. I also use a 128GB SSD as a system drive.

When I started this hack, since 10.6, I used iMac11,3 SMBIOS and changed to iMac13,2 for Mojave and then Catalina. But to get to Big Sur, I would need iMac15,2 or later. Is it worth it??

Also note that I use an Atheros WiFi card that I have to patch with OpenCore to include 10.13 IO80211Family kext and its Atheros40 kext. IDK if this runs on Big Sur.

Also important. Running a fresh compiled OpenCore 0.6.3. I love the custom memory setting (by default Clover and OC detected my RAM as SDRAM with 0MHz, and now I can set my brand and correct speed).


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