Instant Reboot After "HID: Legacy shim 2"

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-IMB370TN CPU: i5-8600T Graphics: GTX 1650 (But for now I'm using iGPU) Install Method: Unibeast

This is my third build and probably my strangest. The motherboard I'm using is very unconventional, so I'm not finding any talk of hackintoshing it around the web. Anyway, I'm getting stuck at the verbose line "HID: Legacy shim 2," after which it instantly reboots. I actually had to use a slo-mo camera to figure out what it was spitting out just before reboot.

It spits out 5 lines in row, then restarts. This all happens after it does about 30s-60s of other installation things that seem to be going fine. I could only capture the beginning of the first two lines because I had to get the camera close enough to where it was readable.

IOUSBHost Interface(0x10000032b): matching deferred by IOUSBHostHIDDev...

IOUSBHost Interface(0x10000032a): matching deferred by IOUSBHostHIDDev...

deferred rematching count 2

HID: Legacy shim 2

HID: Legacy shim 2

I've doing this in UniBeast, but mostly just because I couldn't even get vanilla clover to boot off of USB. My BIOS is set up correctly, I'm sure, and I've tried adding the USBInjectAll kext, as well as trying different USB ports. No changes so far, and no luck. Any ideas?

One thing to keep in mind, if it matters, is that I'm running off my iGPU and not my Nvidia GPU for the time being.

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