Installing MacOS on Intel NUC7PJYH

As the title suggests, I am looking to run MacOS on my Intel NUC which is a Quad Core Pentium Silver. I get that Apple don't sell machines featuring this processor which may make it that bit more difficult to get up and running with, though I am just wondering has anyone either got a MacOS install working as a Hackintosh or via VMware.

I currently have an El Capitan ISO which I intend to install and then upgrade to Catalina, maybe even Big Sur if that wouldn't be a step too far with it. I've had success with Mac OS in VMware ESXi though that box isn't local to me, while the Intel NUC is at home. I'm looking to do some things with Xcode.

I have MacOS Unlocker for VMware so currently running with that, though if I could be sure I could clean install it on a hard disk, no underlying OS, I wouldn't hesitate to switch to MacOS being a primary OS as opposed to Windows 10 as it is now.

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