HP Omen 17-AN012DX Laptop Catalina Question...

I just recently purchased the HP Omen 17-AN012DX laptop, because I saw some links (provided below),That had shown great success with not only installing high Sierra but also (as of late), Catalina installed in this very laptop. Here are the specs

HP Omen 17-AN012DX

Intel i7-7700HQ CPU

1080P Monitor


1TB Samsung EVO 850 SSD

AMD Radeon RX580 GPU



I've been needing help with the install of this using either Clover or Opencore. I was on Tony Mack and was going back and forth with requesting help. Well it didn't take long and I definitely got some good response. In fact there was a person on there who had not only told me about the success he had with installing Catalina but also told me that it was not going to be possible to install 10.15.7 but rather 10.15.3 due to the AMD RX580 primary output which is set by default to HDMI which basically makes the laptop monitor unusable, but will allow you to use an external monitor. So I'm okay with using 10.15.3.

As we went back and forth on this, I was able to acquire his EFI folder, but the way he compress the file he used an RAR compression program instead of a zip compression program. As some of us already know sometimes when you reopen an RAR file, that the DSDT files can get jacked up a bit at times. In any case, I used his EFI file and try to install 10.15.7 to no avail. Eventually I used 10.15.3 and it too is getting hung up on the start up screen. So if anyone can help I would appreciate any input, thank you.

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