How to Overclock a 7700k on ASROCK Z270

Hi Hackintosh,

I’ve been a laptop user since I stopped building PCs as a kid. I have OCed on older MOBOS that were MSI, am confused whats going on here.

To get into the hackintosh world, I bought a prebuilt from someone who was willing to explain every aspect of the EFI so I understand how to put my system back together and have recovered from accidentally wiping the CMOS.

So just a fair warning, I’m not a hackintosh pro but I can fix and maintain my system now that I’ve been properly educated.

The one thing I don’t understand how to do, is over clock my CPU on a hackintosh. No matter what I change in the bios, Intel power MGMT app doesn’t seem to show the difference.

I’m fully aware that I can break the system if I go for an unstable overclock, my BIOS is backed up and I have a CMOS clear in case something bad happens.

I also have a full time machine restore of my hackintosh so if I had to start over completely it would have be no skin off my nose. I know i should probably ask on an OC reddit but ive done my research and am confused as to how this works on macOS.

I would like to OC to 5.0ghz as I have the cooling to make it happen on my 7700k.

Here are image of my BIOS CPU overclock choices:

right now it is disabled, but i have 4.3 and 4.4 available to me as OC options I can choose. Even If I choose them and enable the OC, in intel power mgmt it does not show that i am OCed.

all other clock speed options, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, and 5.0 are greyed out and I cant click on them.

Is it because the BIOS knows at current voltage that is the max it can support and so higher speeds are disabled? Do i need to increase voltage to be able to choose 5.0ghz?

How does one actually verify if the overclock is applied?

Here is screen showing my voltage on BIOS:

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