Hackintosher 4 lyfe and Opencore FTW!! Gigabyte B365M d3sh // i3-9100F // PRIME DAY BUILD

Hackintosher 4 lyfe and Opencore FTW!! Gigabyte B365M d3sh // i3-9100F // PRIME DAY BUILD

My Prime day build cost around $600

This is my second Opencore EFI build! My daily driver was previously running for 10 months on a Frankenstein Clover EFI that I copied and tweaked. I was hesitant to switch to Opencore because of the time involved but a few people on this forum encouraged me to upgrade and said it was worth it.

It took me some time to understand Opencore but I do not regret the time spent! My two Opencore builds are extremely stable and it makes me confident in future-proofing MAC OSX updates ( Thank you to the steady updates from the selfless people behind Opencore).

For anyone on the fence, I highly suggest switching to Opencore! Of course, you should plan to do it when you have a free weekend because it can be a bit tedious and there is a lot of information to absorb. However, you will be very HAPPY after booting up with a clean and stable EFI.

There are a lot of youtube videos of people going through the Opencore manual while explaining how to build an Opencore EFI which helped me a lot. I mainly watched Technolli videos and followed one of his builds while I followed along in the Opencore Install Guide. This got me started and I was able to boot into OSX. I did more reading into the manual at a later time for post-install stuff, or things which Technolli left out (USBmaping, Opencanopy, CFG Lock, DGPU setup, and sleep).

NOTE: Most of the youtube guides seem to make money from support requests caused by their false advertising of "COMPLETE" guides. It is important to keep this in mind so that you do not put 100% reliance on a single video.......But worry not!

Everything I needed to make my machine run smoother and solve any problems I ran into was right there in the Opencore Install Guide and manual. The people behind Opencore literally don't miss a beat.

Leave a comment or shoot me a pm if you have any questions. Cheers!!


EFI: Opencore 0.6.2

OS: Catalina 10.15.7

SMBIOS: Macpro7,1

MOB: Gigabyte B365M d3sh $50

CPU: intel i3-9100F $70

GPU: MSI Radeon Rx 480 4GB $60

WIFI / BLUETOOTH: Fenvi T919 $65

RAM: Teamgroup 2X16GB 2400mhz (MOB Vender qualified list) $75

STORAGE: 1tb Western Digital Blue NVME m.2 $100 (MOB Vender qualified list)

CASE: Thermaltake VERSA H17 MATX CASE $45

PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 80+ gold $100

WORKING: Basically everything ( just like my old 2012 imac - RIP </3 .... I sold it)

NOT WORKING: File vault (I did not take the extra time to set it up) and Sidecar which seems to be non-functional for most hackintoshers on here.

Let me know if you know a sidecar workaround!


Here are the Geekbench scores to my PRIME DAY BUILD:





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