Hackintosh Mini ITX Build Advice, Which Route Would You Take?

So I was just wondering what you guys would do in this situation,

I want to build this high end pc for game development on unity and unreal and 4k gaming (ray tracing and vr) with the 3080 tuf and the Ryzen 9 5950x processor and 64gb of ram.

I also wanted to have the option of running a hackintosh for final cut pro x and making youtube videos for having my youtube channel one day. It would be like hitting 2 birds with one stone having dual boot.

But the only way a hackintosh runs stable is if you have an intel cpu and an amd gpu, the most power and value goes to an amd cpu and nvidia gpu. So I’m torn on what I should do.

I have seen that the Ryzen 9 3950x can be used with a hackintosh but it is also not as stable and cannot use intel quick sync as well as having problems with logic pro x. I want to give myself options so that if I ever need mac os for anything, it will be right there for me along with the desktop, and I don’t support Apple’s overpriced and under performing macs.

So if you were in my shoes, would you get the ncase m1 build with the 3080 tuf and the ryzen 9 5950x, or would you get the next gen i9 11900k (I think) and the RX 6900XT gpu from AMD in a build?

And if you would choose the nvidia+amd build, then would you build a new cheaper hackintosh in another ncase m1 with maybe an RX 580 which you can get for like $220 and i7 9700k which is $290, and make a cheap build that maybe could handle 4k?

With the budget also being $3500.

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