Got stuck at -v (verbose screen), donno what else :(

Got stuck at -v (verbose screen), donno what else :(

Hello,I tried to setup a usb key according to this guide:

And it did not work for me, got stuck here - com.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless load succeeded...

Then I redid the dortania guide and followed it step by step and even did it my Windows10, not Linux live usb environment - which is totally crap(yeah, it is easy to work with console and python but it is f-ing slow af :D even though I launched it from nice usb3 key).

So I tried Linux live usb environment.I tried Windows10.

Both of these get me stuck here. I also made some recommendations in bios - vt-d disabled, other type os ...

I got i9 9900k, x470 radeon, gigabyte z390 aorus pro wifi

I even checked my config.plist online it seems quite okay, all checked :(

Any ideas guys? :) Please.

Here is my plist and some txt file from unsuccessful installation.

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