Config2.plist boot help.

When I restart and start my computer, it automatically goes into config. I need my computer to start in config2. How can I do this? I have been googling and trying to find out how but I haven't come up with anything that helps.

I have also been getting help from a member here but so far nothing has worked.

I don't want to screw up my efi folder...but I have tried deleting config1.plist and restarting but config still appears in the options menu first, and I still have to change it to config2. I downloaded plistedit pro and tried using clover configurator but I don't know how to use them to change this option. I even deleted config1.plist from the usb install drive and reinstalled catalina, that didn't work.

I am brand new to hackintoshes. This is my first build. It runs great in config2, but when in config1 it runs horribly. I am using clover.

i5 7500, 8 gb ram, no gpu, 256 ssd, Catalina. Everything works like it should.

Thanks everyone.

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