Clover Not Booting After Selecting USB Boot Drive in BIOS

I've been trying to no avail to install MacOS Catalina on my ASUS TUF Gaming FX505GT laptop using a HDD (I have a separate SSD with Windows installed) and Clover. Using a different computer, I was able to successfully install MacOS onto the HDD I'd like to use; however, whenever I try to boot from said HDD, or even the installation USB stick, from the BIOS of my laptop, the screen goes completely blank (no cursor, no message--nothing). I get no Clover menu at all.

I have tried configuring my BIOS (which I've updated recently and should be UEFI-compatible) in every which way, but the issue still occurs. I don't understand what I may be doing wrong.

If any of you could help me out, that'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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