Build advice for for <$2K SFF Dual-boot

Hi! Building a system and seeking advice and answers. This is a SFF Hackintosh + Windows Gaming build. Parts List. Budget $2K, game in Windows at 1440P 144Hz.

Already bought some parts (Case NR200, PSU SF600, Monitor Dell 27"). Planning to buy remaining on sales, black friday, etc. Plan to buy Nvidia FE 3070 at launch 😰 so realistically survive on iGPU until 2021 availability smh.

Re Hackintosh: I will use the IGPU (10600k) when on MacOS and Nvidia when in Windows. 2 separate inputs to the monitor


  • Any incompatibility for Hackintosh golden build?
  • Is 10600K vs 9700K vs lower good for gaming? Ok with any Intel up to this price point
  • I do light video editing on Mac-Final Cut Pro plan; The iGPU HD630, while not great, should be step up from a 2016 MBP Iris Graphics 550 right?
  • What sale events should I look out for - prime day, black friday, cyber monday? Others?
  • any other advice for low noise or anything else I missed ?

Appreciate it! 🙏

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