Boot Times

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing some reading about boot times and I wonder what your boot times are.

I use rEFInd and have ShowPicker = False. From the second I hit Enter on the rEFInd entry to Lock Screen is 11.4 seconds on NVMe. I originally started with ~35s boot time during my first build on OC 0.5.8 and a very cluttered EFI. The things I found to lower my time the most were:

Custom SSDTs, Properly configured config.plist, Removing all unnecessary Kexts, Following post-install guide

I’m still hoping to get it faster and maybe compete with my 5s-6s Windows 10 boot time. So, what’s your fastest boot time? What kind of speeds did you get? What did you do to improve your time? Any tips and tricks to help speed fiends?

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