AppleALC Causing Extremely High kernel_task CPU Usage and No Audio Output

I have a HP Pavillion X360 running Catalina on OpenCore 0.6.1 following the Dortania guide. I have tried many different layout-ids for the ALC295 codec that I found from linux and all of them detect the right inputs and outputs, but can only hear sound and cannot produce any actual output. The only layout that I have had some success with is layout 13, which works very occasionally on some reboots, and when it works, the CPU usage of kernel_task is normal. The other specs of my laptop include an i3-7100U and a SATA SSD. I have tried looking up this issue many times with no success and I have also tried patching the ACPI for HPET with no notable differences. Any help would be really appreciated as I haven't found anything similar to what I've experienced here.

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