Anyone have an idea how Mac compares to Linux for how lightweight they are?

I ended up buying a laptop and switching it over to Linux for various reasons, and although I've really enjoyed some of the differences from Windows, I still feel a bit limited with specific things I'd like. For programming Linux is phenomenal, but I'm a creative person, mainly music and would love to fiddle with Garage band, or possibly purchase Logic if I went the Mac route. I'm just trying to weigh the pros and cons atm. But yeah, since my specs aren't phenomenal I'm curious how they differ for performance. I know Windows has way more bloat than them, but I'm curious if there's a substantial difference with Mac and Linux, or if the difference is rather small. i have an i5 so im not too concerned there, but I only have 8gb or ram. also if i decide to go the hackintosh route, is there a specific version I should be getting? or can i just get Catalina since it's the newest? Thanks in advance :)

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