8 years Customac - from OS X Lion to Catalina GA-B75M-D3P (reloaded)

8 years Customac - from OS X Lion to Catalina GA-B75M-D3P (reloaded)

CPU: i5 3570K
GPU: Integrated Intel HD 4000
RAM: 2x4 Gb 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM Corsair Vengeance
Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: GA-B75M-D3P
Audio Codec: REALTEK ALC887
Ethernet Card: REALTEK 8111
Wifi/BT Card: Tp-Link TL-WDN4800
Touchpad and touch display devices:
BIOS revision: latest
Which of the guides on the sidebar you used: Vanilla Installation - Ivy Bridge Config
What's working, and what isn't working. Audio is working, but WiFi is not with Catalina.

I have built a Customac in March 2013 and managed to maintain it for almost 8 years straight and counting. This week I managed to install (fresh) Catalina and will be good for the next year or two. I have always used TonymacX86 as was not aware of this sub and the possibility of a Vanilla install. After my previous post was removed here, I installed again using the Vanilla Hackintosh guide linked above. Everything went smooth apart from a mistake that I did recover myself. In the Clover folder of my SSD EFI I had left my previous config.plist. After install mac OS could not boot, so I entered with UEFI shell and copied the config from the USB EFI to SSD EFI and everything worked like a charm.

I have a random kernel panic after going sleep at wake up. I am not sure if this was present even with the previous guide. I am planning to follow the following to fix it. I am not able to reproduce it all the times, it happens once in a while. If it gets too annoying will try to fix.


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