Weird error: Mojave installation hangs at "Less than a minute remaining".

I'm having a very weird issue with Mojave. My installation always hang at "Less than a minute remaining".

I have tried 2 methods: macOS from App Store (createinstallmedia) and Olarila image. Both is 10.14.6. I made my own OC config by following Dortania's guide (didn't use Olarila's prebuilt EFI): (P/s: tried to unload the DSDT.aml as well but I still cannot get pass the error).

From the log, the installation completed but somehow it didn't complete 100%. I tried to reboot but there was no macOS entry in both OC and Clover.

The mentioned OC config did install and boot Catalina 10.15.6 just completely fine, but I could not fix sleep so I wanted to roll back to Mojave. (I also encountered sleeping issues with Catalina + Clover, asked on some forums but no one was able to fix it. So Mojave may be the best choice for me).

About Mojave, I encountered this problem before with a prebuilt Clover EFI but somehow I fixed it by "Load optimized defaults" (BIOS). I used it 6 months straight with no noticable issue. I deleted that config several days ago to migrate to OC.

To check whether the problem is my OC config or not, l tried 2 more prebuilt EFI folders (Clover) for my laptop, but both of them ran into the same problem.

I tried Reset NVRAM (in OC) as well as Load optimized defaults (in BIOS) but none of them worked. BIOS settings are correctly configured.

So in short, I tried 2 different macOS install media, 3 different bootloader configurations but still failed to get pass that "95%" error.

My specs: - Thinkpad T430s - CPU: i5-3320M - RAM: 8 GB - SSD: Crucial BX500 256 GB

More info: - The App Store version of Mojave which I downloaded has 2 phases of installation: the stage with the GUI and the stage with the white Apple logo + loading bar. It completed the 1st stage successfully, but hung at the 2nd stage, displaying "Estimating time remaining". The loading bar seems to be at 95%.

  • The Olarila image I tried has only 1 phase like High Sierra, and it still hung at ~95%. Log is provided in attached images. I think these errors are the same one.


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